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Our Philosophy

To Bring the Relationship Between Dog & Owner into Harmony

Dogs aren’t inherently bad ‒ but misbehavior can cause rifts and challenges in the relationship between a dog and its owner.

At Harmony K9 Training, our philosophy is simple: To bring the relationship between dog and owner into harmony. Based in Broward County, Head Dog Trainer Aaron Baden has successfully worked with over 1000 dogs throughout Southern Florida, fostering peaceful and healthy human-canine relationships through personalized, in-home dog training.

If you’re ready to experience a happy and renewed connection with your dog, let Aaron pave the way towards the harmonious relationship you both deserve.

Results-Driven, In-Home Dog Training

Every dog is unique ‒ so dog training can never be a one-size-fits-all solution.

By personalizing a dog training program that suits your dog’s personality and needs, Aaron Baden of Harmony K9 Training can address your dog’s behavioral issues and teach you how to interact, communicate, and coexist in harmony with your dog.

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Aaron Baden, Owner & Head Dog Trainer | Harmony K9 Training, , Pepper Pike, OH

Meet Aaron Baden

Owner & Head Dog Trainer

I have trained over 1000 dogs and specialize in obedience and behavioral modification. I incorporate mindfulness, energy, and meditation into dog training.

I started my career at New Heights Dog Training, where I took a one-year apprenticeship. The school was under the umbrella of the Michael Ellis Dog Training system out of California, one of the most renowned dog trainers in the United States.

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My philosophy is to bring the relationship between dog and owner into harmony. This means setting clear and defined expectations and boundaries between the dog and master. I teach obedience training based on operant and classical conditioning. I teach positive reinforcement to motivate the dog to learn commands, and use appropriate corrections to make unwanted behavior less likely to occur.

I have been a long-time student of meditation, yoga, and other breathing techniques to calm the mind. I found that meditation and breathing techniques tend to calm the mind of the owner and allow them to be in a more relaxed and focused state of mind to achieve an optimal result when it comes to dog training.

Every dog deserves to live in harmony with their owner. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Aaron Baden at 954-495-7224 today!
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