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Dog Training Success Stories | Pepper Pike, OH
Dog Training Success Stories | Pepper Pike, OH

Success Stories

Every dog has the potential to forge a strong connection with their owner, no matter their personality or needs.

Aaron Baden of Harmony K9 Training has seen it happen, even for the most challenging dogs and situations. These success stories prove the transformation can happen, and that a harmonious relationship between a dog and owner IS possible.

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Harmony K9 Training Stories

You too can build a healthy and harmonious relationship with your canine companion ‒ just like these dogs and owners did!

Cassie & Roxy

I met Aaron while I was walking through the metro parks with my Rottweiler, as he was training with a greyhound and her owner. I learned my first piece of canine handling from him before I even knew his name, as he taught his client how to approach my dog. Instantly, I realized how much I could learn from him. After we chatted a bit, he told me he knew how to train German commands and I was on board.

Aaron didn’t just train my dog, he trained me too. I implement his instructions and call him often for advice even after moving out of state. Aaron’s dog training doesn’t stop investing back into you after 12 weeks. He has always been there for me, any time of day, and he has ALWAYS gone above and beyond for Roxy and I ‒ as well as all of his clients I’ve noticed.

I firmly believe in his educational delivery system because the astronomical amount of compliments I get about my dog on a daily basis prove it. Roxy lost 55 pounds that she desperately needed to lose with Aaron’s conditioning. I now have a fit, healthy, happy, and substantially well-trained Rottweiler who has wildly surpassed public expectations. She is also an ESA and is well-behaved in any public setting. I wouldn’t have the ease or confidence I do today without Aaron and his dog training!

Diane & Merlin

I met Aaron when my goldendoodle puppy was 4-months-old. He was a fearful puppy, panicking with any loud noise, afraid of all other dogs, and strange people. I took him to the park daily because he was afraid to walk down our street due to cars, trucks, people, and lawnmowers.

In three short weeks, Aaron’s training has already transformed my puppy. He is more confident and his panic responses have all but ended. He walks down our street at my side like a little prince ‒ proud and calm. It feels like a miracle! Aaron demonstrates a high level of experience and training. He is kind, patient, focused, and reliable. The best of the best!

Laura & Maverick

I would highly recommend Aaron Baden to train any dog. I engaged the services of Aaron to train my 15-month-old female German Shepherd. After one session, the difference in her behavior was remarkable! Training with Aaron is a great experience: 1) He will come to your home, eliminating the need to find a place to take your dog for training; 2) He will train at your convenience; and most importantly, he trains you, right along with your dog. Aaron is very knowledgeable about dogs ‒ he’s patient and gentle, plus understands them. If your dog (and you) need training, I think Aaron Baden is the person to contact.

Michael & Cinnamon

We rescued a pitbull who was extremely timid, sensitive, and stubborn. After 10 sessions with Aaron, her obedience was exponentially improved, she is no longer as fearful, and walking her has become pleasant.

Not only was she well-trained, but Aaron’s sessions have also made my family and I far better caretakers of our dog ‒ walking her correctly, rewarding her correctly, and doing the training exercises. The lessons have created a mutual, special bond between us and our dog. We are incredibly grateful to Aaron for his tremendous work and knowledge

Nick, Gabby, Gandolph, & Aria

Aaron trained our two dogs separately and we are very pleased with the results. Our two dogs had vastly different problems. One of them was already a very good girl but needed a little help with obedience and going on walks without pulling us all over. The other dog needed help in those areas also, but his main issue was resource guarding and getting very aggressive in protecting his food.

After each dogs’ 10 lessons, the improvement was very noticeable. Our first dog became much more controlled on walks and stopped barking at everything that moved. Our second dog became much more docile in regards to food. When Aaron first tried taking food from the dog, he wasted no time in trying to bite Aaron at all costs. But after the lessons, he became a whole new dog. We are now able to approach our dog while he’s eating and command him to drop his food. Then we can tell him to ‘wait’ and take the food from him. This is something we couldn’t have dreamed about before the lessons started ‒ because our dog was so aggressive.

Aaron does a great job at building a rapport with the dogs so they trust him. I think if Aaron immediately tried to change their behavior without first building their relationship, the dogs’ training wouldn’t have worked. But because Aaron got to know the dogs and understood what motivates them and what they don’t like, he could tailor the lessons to each dog’s specific needs. Like with humans, no dog is the same, and Aaron understands that what works for one dog might not work for another.

Steve & Reggie

I met Aaron Baden while taking Reggie, my 1-year-old Standard Poodle, on a walk at the MetroPark. He approached us for a chat as we took a break sitting on one of the benches.

What initially struck me was Aaron’s approach to not only training the dog but also its owner.  I was able to quickly determine his training methods were unique from what I had experienced previously. Even more impressive was his demeanor with my dog as we talked. It was clear he was able to establish a connection even though no formal training was taking place.

We engaged Aaron for training and took him on his word that the best outcome would occur if we followed his process. He supplied videos and other materials that made a positive impact on the end result. Reggie took to his methods immediately.  With the work we put in between training sessions, he is responsive to all basic commands and has the tools to go as far as we choose in dog training and other activities.

The best part about Aaron’s training method is Reggie loves doing the work. He doesn’t see it as an unpleasant task to avoid. Both owner and dog couldn’t be happier. Having owned dogs for over 30 years, there is nothing better than having a well-trained pet who willingly follows your commands.

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