Fostering Harmonious Canine-Human Connections

Dog Training | Pepper Pike, OH
Dog Training | Pepper Pike, OH

Dog Training

Does your dog jump, growl, bolt, or disobey your commands? Are you continually frustrated because you’re unable to train your dog effectively?

We can’t experience a healthy and harmonious relationship with our dogs until we learn how to communicate and interact with them. Through personalized, balanced, in-home dog training, Aaron Baden of Harmony K9 Training can lay the foundation for the peaceful, trustworthy connection you and your dog deserve.

Based in Broward County, Aaron works with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages throughout Southern Florida. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to Aaron today!

Our Approach to Dog Training

By addressing the issues right in a dog’s natural environment and working one-on-one with the owner, it is possible to transform fearful, aggressive misbehavior into calm obedience.

Your dog’s personality and needs are unique, which is why Aaron will customize a dog training program that achieves your personal goals and improves the canine-owner relationship. Here are the focal elements of every program:

  • Set clear & defined expectations & boundaries between the dog & owner.
  • Teach positive reinforcement to motivate the dog to learn commands.
  • Use appropriate corrections to minimize unwanted behavior.
  • Utilize training supplies (link to Training Supplies) to enhance training sessions.
  • Optimize results by teaching meditation, mindfulness, & breathing techniques to the owner.


Renewing the bond between you & your dog is possible. Begin the journey today!

Additional Services

In addition to in-home dog training, Harmony K9 Training also offers dog sitting, walking, and conditioning services.

Dog Walking

During a ½-hour structured walk, Aaron will teach your dog how to heal, sit when stopped, walk alongside, and interact with other dogs.


This is a more intense walking experience for dogs who are overweight and lethargic. This service is offered as a 4-day-a-week routine to allow your dog to recover from conditioning. Nutrition analysis and leash/off-leash training are also included.

Dog Sitting

If you’re going out-of-town and your dog is highly active, skittish, or doesn’t adapt to change well, professional dog sitting may be the best option. Aaron will come to your home and stay with your pet, that way there is no adjustment to new surroundings, new food, and new schedules. In addition to adhering to your dog’s routine, he will take your dog for two 30-minute walks that focus on leash skills, and off-leash if time permits. Your dog will also receive attention throughout the day.

Dog Protection Training

Teaching your dog to protect you on command can be a life-saving training technique. Aaron will work with your dog to teach them how to apprehend attackers with verbal commands. With dog protection training comes a high level of obedience training as well. Your dog will be able to live peacefully by your side but come to the rescue if you tell them to. This training instills a powerful relationship between the dog and its owner.

Dog Aggression Rehab

Aggression in dogs can be caused by various things such as fear, food, frustration, pain, or other dogs or people. Rehabilitating dogs takes a lot of patience and time until they can face their trigger without acting aggressive or nervous. It’s important to work with a professional when handling an aggressive dog for your own safety. They react quickly, and you need to be able to respond appropriately to correct the aggression.

Dog Behavioral Modification

Behavior modification involves correcting an undesirable behavior your dog exhibits, like excessive barking or separation anxiety. Aaron will work with your dog to determine what is causing the behavior and will work with your dog so that they can control themselves when the trigger is presented. In addition, Aaron will work with you to ensure that you set up your dog for success when you take him for walks, let him out in the backyard, or leave for work.

For more information or to schedule a consultation send a message or call 954-495-7225 today!
Dog Training in Pepper Pike, OH

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